Rod's Books

There is no other Spanish speaking author that has published so extensively in the competitiveness improvement / business innovation / business transformation/ change management field.  


Author of 15 books, 42 booklets, 140 papers.


The books are described in the following three sections.

Main books: “Are we competitive?” (2001, 2004); “Results. The Formula” (2000, 2004); “Results. Action” (2000,2004).

Most recent books: “Organizational Change and Improvement” (2005), “More Competitive Small Business” (2005); “El Nuevo Sistema de Gestión para las PYMEs” (co-author, Norma, Mexico, March 2003; Colombia, June 2003; second edition, 2004).   

Previous books were: ”Change Management” (1998, with an Internet Appendix:; 2000 as e-book in, “Intentional Renewals ” (1997), “Competitiveness” (1982), ”Resizing” (1991,1995,1997,1998), ”Downsizing” (1989), ”Efficiency” (1988,1994), ”Productivity” (1984), “An Industrial Public Policy for Argentina” (co-author, 1983).




 Almost all Rod's books are in the collections of E-Libro.