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Visitors of this website very often ask Rod Biasca about bibliography.

They are university students, faculty, researchers, professionals and practitioners that want information about popular textbooks or books that are worth of reading in specific topics.

This section is being created as an experiment to see if it is used or not. If users are visiting it, more books, reference lists and other resources will be added.

For your convenience a link to was created in each book that is shown. With a single click you can see the details of the publication.

Please, fell free to make comments about it in the Guestbook section.


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Books are classiffied in different sections:

* Economics

* Introduction to Management

* Enrepreneurship & Leadership

* Strategic Management

* Small Business Management

* Managing Change

* International Business

* Cultural Diversity

* Financial Management

* Marketing Management

* Operations Management

* Human Resources Management

* Business Research

* Best-Selling Business Books



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Suggestions made by with an automated system.


Rod Biasca suggests to analyze each publication before making a purchase. This system is included here because it is useful as a research tool for new books.

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