Biasca’s Business Transformation Model



R. Biasca has published papers and books in the last decades in the corporate improvement and renewal fields. There is no Spanish speaking author that has published so extensively in the business transformation subject.


Different studies have demonstrated that change efforts results are less than satisfactory.  Therefore, a comprehensive, interdisciplinary and practical three-phase model is proposed (known as the “Biasca’s Model”).  The purpose is to achieve the precise transformation that can improve results substantially in a specific organization.


The three phases are;

     Competitive Assessment.

After analyzing the environment and the firm, the competitive deterioration is estimated to determine how much change is needed and how much time is available to make the change.


After an exhaustive study of change approaches, research on the subject and managerial experience a general business transformation “formula” is derived.  For each competitive situation the formula is different (and usually different names are used to mention it).  The formula is a set of innovation projects with different priorities and impact.


To transform ideas in concrete results at least four aspects need to be considered: the necessary implementation steps, how to modify human and firm behavior, the competitive position and the country where the organization is located.


Most non-US managers assume that what is true for Americans working in the United States is also true for people from other countries. Sometimes it is not.  Cross-cultural management applied to change management concepts is a field in which the model makes emphasis.


In the next two pages some explanatory materials are included:

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