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There are "massive open online courses". Those are good courses offered by several universites. Below, you will find links to organizations where you can find them.

Additional information can be found in the EDUCAUSE LibraryThere are some sites that are trying to consolidate the supply of these courses, such as Knollop or Class Central. Several directories are available.

Read about the UPCEA / ACE Pilot Program to evaluate MOOCs.

In 2015, the leaders were: COURSERA, edX, Canvas, FUTURE LEARN, Miriada X, FUN, Udacity, Iversity, NovoEd, Class Central.



Ther leader.  This website offers more than 1,500 courses that were attended by more than 17 million students.


It is a non-profit venture offering courses from Ivy League universities Harvard and MIT are the founders. MIT has been posting lectures in Internet for a decade.

Google is teaming with edX in


The Open University staterd teaching via radio and television in 1971.  In December, 2012, FUTURELEARN was created by the Open University and several UK universities to provide free courses. It is growing quickly.


There are beginner, intermediate and advanced courses. As the founder was a computer-science professor at Stanford University, you will find some good computer-related courses.


Stanford Online Classes.