Research. Economics.

Below you will find some organizations related to Economics. Some of them are research institutions ("think tanks"); others are good sources of economic data (government agencies or international organizations). Professional associations are also included.

Links to their websites are provided. The list, that includes US and foreign organizations, is not complete. 

AEA. American Economic Association.


EEA.  European Economic Association.


NBERThis site (NBER) provides comprehensive macro data on the economy since the 1930s, while the NBER Macroeconomic History Data site is THE source for hard-to-find data on the economy before the Great Depression.




Hoover Institution (Stanford University)




World Competitiveness Center. IMD, Switzerland.


World Economic Forum


Institute for Strategy and Copmpetitiveness. Harvard Business School.


The World Bank. Data and Research.


United Nations. Economic and Social Development Research and Analysis.


ILO. International labour Organization.


UNDP. United Nations Development Programme.


UNIDO. United Nations Industrial Development Organization.


WFP. World Food Programme.


IMF.  International Monetary Fund Research.


European Central Bank. Economic Research.


Asian Development Bank. Data and Research.


Inter-American Development Bank. Research and Data.


CEPAL/ECLAC. Staistical Information of Latin America and the Caribbean countries.


The African Development Bank.


CIA Factbook


Moody's Analytics (


SSRN. Economics Research Network.


FRED. US Federal Reserve Economic Data.


BEA. US Bureau of Economic Analysis.


US Bureau of Labor Statistics 


US Census Bureau


Institute of International Economics.The site of this nonprofit, nonpartisan research institution, devoted to the study of international economic policy, contains news, views, reviews, working papers, publications, and press releases, plus links to related sites.


EconLinks. Directory of Economic Links for Economists.


International Trade Administration


WTO. World Trade Organization. Documents and Resources.


ECRI. Economic Cycle Research Institute.


Institute for Research on Poverty


The University of California, San Diego. Social Science Data on the Net.  

Search or browse among more than 1000 sites for data, selected and arranged by UCSD's Social Sciences Data Collection (SSDC).

IHS. Country and Industry Forecasting

The Heritage Foundation Research