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Below you will find some organizations related to Management. Some of them are research institutions ("think tanks"); others are good sources of data. Academies and professional associations are also included.

Links to their websites are provided. The list, that includes US and foreign organizations, is not complete.



AMA. American Management Association.


AOM. Academy of Management.


EURAM. European Academy of Management.


BAM. British Academy of Management.


INORMS. International Network of Research Management Societies.


IFSAM. International Federation of Scholarly Associations of Management.


Academy of Business Research


IABE. International Academy of Business and Economics.


ABFE. Academy of Behvioral Finance and Economics.


APO. Asian Productivity Organization.


JMA. Japanese Management Association.


AIMA. All India Management Association.


GMAA. Graduate Management Association of Australia.


Harvard Business School. Faculty and Research.